• Andrew Rooke is a Business Development Consultant for Green-G Electric Vehicles. An innovative strategic leader, Rooke is enthusiastic about the EV industry overall. He also stands as an Independent Board Member with The Shyft Group.

  • Andrew Rooke is a business professional with an eye for strategy development. His brand of leadership has always maintained a commitment to implementing strategies that are long-lasting and resilient. As a professional who has maintained numerous leadership roles, Rooke knows all too well that a plan is only as strong as it is adaptable to change. As a mentor, he often sets emphasis on teaching younger entrepreneurs how to fully embrace what it means to be able to adapt to whatever comes your way.


    Andrew Rooke currently works as a Business Development Consultant for Green-G Electric Vehicles and represents The Shyft Group as an Independent Board Member. In these roles, he is able to have a hands-on impact on the growth and development of electric vehicles overall. With more and more drivers choosing EVs, it is an extremely exciting time for Rooke to be involved in the industry.

  • Outside of Andrew Rooke’s professional career, he is particularly passionate about health and wellness. In the office, Rooke has always focused attention on his dedication to achieving peak performance. Whether that means going above and beyond with a project, revisiting and reworking a previous idea or increasing sales by an impressive margin, there is always an opportunity to improve performance. What Rooke has come to realize throughout his life is that this concept isn’t just professional — it’s universal! It’s a concept that guides him, both as a professional and as an amateur athlete. He keeps in shape by including cycling in his daily routine and aspires to participate in major events, like Tour de France. The commitment to fitness seen at such a level is something that he both marvels over and admires.